TS: 2015 Season

Episode Twenty: The Jury Vote.
Summary:  It was finally over.  After two full school terms, twenty episodes and eliminations it all came down to this - Caro vs. Harry and the final jury vote.  In this all eliminated players, right back to Jayden who had been eliminated in Round One, came back to cast one final vote, for the winner of the 2015 Taranaki: Survivor Competition.   One by one players voted - there was the option for players to wear if they choose to wear a mask to disguise themselves.  Some choose to, others were very open about who they were voting for.  Abby, the only player to vote against Harry, who did so twice, voted for him to win.  Caro had double crossed a number of players en route to the final and this may have been a factor in ing the final vote which Harry ended up winning to claim the Grand Final Prize and gain the title of 2015 Taranaki Survivor Champion.  This left Caro reflecting on decisions that had been made: should she have taken Mackenna to the final with her? Did she regret her game playing during the episodes? Those questions remained unanswered and will have to wait until Taranaki Survivor 2016: Middle School Vs. Senior School.

Episode Nineteen: Grand Final - Part One/Two/Three
Summary: The final four consisted of Harry, Caro, Zariah and Mackenna.  In the final challenge they had to claim puzzle bags from across the school.  When they had recovered all four bags they then had to solve a puzzle by completing a phrase.   There would be two rounds, the winner of the first would receive an advantage of a rest before the final.  At stake was a place in the final two.

In the first qualifying round Zariah struck early trouble three times collecting the wrong bag and having to go back to the start.  As the challenged progressed Mackenna had a clear lead.  She claimed to have solved the puzzle, with Caro hot on her heels.  However Mackenna while she had solved the puzzle did not have it in the right order - as she went to re-order it Caro solved her puzzle and stole the prize of making it into the final.

In the second round Mackenna was keen to make up for her miss in the first.  However it was not the case as Harry claimed a come from behind victory in the second round putting the final immunity competition of Caro Vs. Harry.

Both player were feeling the affects of two intense rounds before the finals  Both also knew that ultimately if they wanted to make the final they need immunity to make sure of it.  Once again the competition was decided by seconds - Harry was able to retrieve all the bags of puzzle pieces before Caro but she had made a decision to solve the puzzle as she was running towards the finish line.  This strategy paid off in spades as she made up time in challenge to ultimately claim the final victory.  A double vote followed - in the first Zariah received votes from Mackenna, Caro and Harry and sent her home in a 3:1 margin.   There was another twist as the final vote then took place immediately afterwards.  Caro was safe having had immunity from the final challenge which left her with a crucial decision to make - would she take Harry, her greatest rival or would she take Mackenna to the final jury vote.  In the end she decided to take Harry with her eliminating Mackenna and making her the final member of the jury.

Episode Eighteen: 'Running on Empty... Running towards the Final Three
Summary: The final four of Harry, Zariah, Caro and Mackenna competed in a staged time trial designed, filmed and created by Siobhan and Bethany, former contestants.   The four had to race around a course solving clues and answering questions.  Best time wins immunity and guarantees a place in the final three and entry into the grand final! This is the last episode that immunity idols can be played before the finals could the stakes be any higher?
Caro went first and was followed the other three contestants.  Incredibly three contestants were within two seconds of completing the course and winning.  In the end it was Harry whose pace in the final stage earned a vital win.  The vote could have gone either way - and there was a huge twist - Harry gave up immunity, giving it to Zariah and making him vulnerable.  Zariah received two votes and Caro received two more.  It seemed that finally Caro's game would be at an end... unless she had located the 'Golden Horse' immunity idol... before anyone else... It was determined that she had located the idol (in the School library, behind the television) however so had Harry - who'd had two searches of the library prior to Caro searching.  However Harry only found the idol on this third search which was after Caro so in a shock twist no players went home and all four advanced to the last round before the grand final!

Episode Seventeen: 'Kahoot'
Summary: The final four had another Taranaki: Survivor surprise in store - one player who'd already been eliminated from the competition was about to come back: they would be the winner of the Taranaki: Survivor Kahoot Challenge (account: NZWaikato). There were nearly twenty players in that game, however with three players tied with three questions left including firm favourites former competitors Beth and Zariah, Zariah moved ahead of the pack to a position that she would not give up.   Zariah's reward was to come back into the game as a live player, with a special episode immunity and compete in a second challenge for Immunity against the original contestants.  In this challenge Harry fell off the pace early.  Caro as she has done to this point dominated the competition pulling out another immunity win.  She choose to give immunity to Mackenna and then played her 'King' idol, putting her through to the next round.  Abby tried to eliminate Harry but was unsuccessful and with Caro's playing an idol it was Abby's game who ended.

Taranaki Survivor: Episode 17 from myles webb on Vimeo.

Episode Sixteen: "Last Chance for the final four..." Broadcast 30/11/2015
Summary: The final five were about to become the final four with a challenge that would test their nerve.  The premise was simple - a block on the hand, added to and added to as the stack became higher balancing the pile would be more difficult - the first person to topple was out.  Who would rise to the challenge and claim a final four spot? Whose nerve would hold leading to victory? Hosted by fan favourite former contestant (and popular in Hong Kong) Rico, this would test the nerves of the remaining players who had endured sixteen outstanding episodes... once again the remaining contestants would be reduced by a factor of one... one survivor was about to exit the game... or would they? Would another idol come into play? What twists and turns awaited the remaining players? All these questions can be answered in only one way - by watching episode sixteen of Taranaki Survivor!

Taranaki Survivor Ep 16 from myles webb on Vimeo.

Summary: The task was completed well, Abby defeating online favourite Caro in the first round.  Ebony had a bye, going into the next round and Mackenna defeated Harry.   The final saw Mackenna against Abby who held her nerve to claim immunity.  Caro again attracted votes despite holding the 'King' idol - however it was Ebony, who'd previously been eliminated in episode three, who again exited the game.

Immunity Idol Clue: John Loggie Baird is my guardian.  Look towards the sky and you'll be able to release me.  Time is running out, you must be the first and you must remain silent about your success.   The final awaits an you will have huge power if you find me but you must be the first.  Beware the end is coming soon...

Redemption Idol Clue:  I lie betwixt the others on the second-string side of the kura.  Remember I contain a maze of options and just searching for me will not be enough, you must decipher the clues.  Revenge can be yours on those who who betrayed you, those who contributed to your demise and those who are still playing the game.  Time is running out, use your resources to solve the clues but hurry, redemption is far away but this is your only chance.

Episode Fifteen: "And then there were five..." (Broadcast 23/11/2015)
Summary: The remaining six contestants (four of whom competed, two were away) had a partner throw a frisbee into a marked area.  The first contestant to grab the frisbee or touch it when it landed on the ground would receive a point, double if it was a designated throw by the pre-selected partner.

Taranaki Survivor: Episode 15 from myles webb on Vimeo.

Mackenna dominated the competition right from the start, taking what seemed like an unbeatable lead.  Harry however always remained in contention before starting on a run of his own near the end. Harry forced a best of five play off after winning the final four rounds.   Momentum was all on Harry's side as he won three consecutive play off throws, including a mid air leap to claim the win. The vote was complicated by the absence of two of the players, however in the end it didn't matter as Charlotte, who had entered the competition only from locating the redemption idol only a few weeks ago, was voted out leaving five remaining players.

Immunity Idol Clue: Locate the point of the compass.  Travel a score and five towards where the sun sets.  Turn ninety degrees to the right. Travel half a score.  You are so close to your location, yet so far away.  You must take your time and don't give up, your last chance is fast approaching.  Remember you must keep your discovery a secret if you are successful. Beware the false information that might hinder your progress and remember: "the more you use your brain the more brain you'll have to use"

Redemption Idol Clue: Start on your travel and make our way "two pony" steps from the class, travel towards the zenith of the maunga.  You are near where you seek but you shall not pass! You shall not enter. You can have but one chance and one go at the maze - but how can you solve the riddle of where the idol is hidden? The answer is as follow: "far away cast against the back, here I lie for your chance again to right a terrible wrong.  Where I have been waiting is contained in the previous clues and what you must quickly look for gives you a chance for which you have been waiting so long"

Episode Fourteen: Going... Going... Gone? (Broadcast 17/11/2015)
Summary:  The seven remaining, six present contestants had a Survivor Taranaki Auction, where they were each given up to five hundred credits to vote for various items... the first few items were treats to eat... who would buy these and then what else would occur? Would this be an elimination episode? Would they be able to buy immunity?

Taranaki Survivor Episode 14 from myles webb on Vimeo.

The remaining contestants each brought regular items until a mystery note was revealed.  It was purchased by Harry, which gave him a significant advantage in the next challenge.  Following that Ebony saw an opportunity to purchase immunity as it came next.   This sent some players into a panic realising that this would be an elimination episode and one more player would be out of the game.  It had been said that this round was the time for a big move and it proved the case.  Two players, both of whom had immunity idols were targeted - Caro and Quade.  Neither choose to play their idols but would the different sides hold up to their promises?  In the end Quade's vote cost him his place in the competition and Caro had a lucky escape.

Immunity Idol Clue: Your chance and opportunity to search for me are disappearing like the sands in an hour class.  You must seize your chance to act decisively otherwise all else could be lost!  I lie on a secondary compass point from the entrance to the outside world.  You must take care and ensure that only you and you alone find me otherwise my power will be null and void.  When you locate me don't attempt to grasp me, keep your discovery secret and then the power that you need shall rest with you.

Redemption Idol Clue: You need to gain assistance in your search as you cannot gain access to the location yourself.  When you are sure of your location inform your host.  Where do you seek? I have but a single portal.  There are many, many in the maze you cannot hope to succeed unless you narrow the scope? How can you do this? What are you searching for? The clues are already hidden but are they hidden well? What did Mr Spice think of water displacement?

Episode Thirteen: Remember When (Broadcast 14/11/2015)
Summary: The remaining contestants had to listen carefully to instructions from guest host Rico.  He was calling out a pattern, and the contestants had to repeat the pattern replicating what Rico had said.  Get it correct and the contestant would move through to the next round, get it wrong and the contestant would be eliminated and miss out on a chance at gaining immunity.

Survivor Episode 13 from myles webb on Vimeo.

Ebony nearly managed an amazing feat of winning in the first round with a ten colour recall, however she was a single block off.  The second round saw a complete miss from all contestants.  In the third three players missed out on the opportunity to go through, although Harry, Abby, Quade, Ebony and Charlotte did.   In the following round Harry took the opportunity to triumph and take the win gaining himself immunity.  In the vote that followed Jorja's time came to an end as the remaining contestants voted her out.

Immunity Idol Clues:  I am the most powerful idol available.  If you locate me you need to look high in places that are not obvious.  When you find me, you will need to find Mr Webb and tell him that you have found me, because you must keep your discovery secret! Where is the idol? You need to travel from your base? Heading Westerly towards another place.  The solution lies within the made block but is not obvious? Or is it? Restricted as you are with your opportunity you will have them to locate me? Examples of me can date back more than two thousand years? How can this help?  

Redemption Idol Clue: You must search within a box, within a box, within a box.  Where am I hiding this time? I am hiding with an ancient Greek Word that is a phrase located in a Tintin Book, the Shooting Star.  If you find an opportunity to locate me you must seek assistance to search for the final stage. 

Episode Twelve: Catch and Pass (Broadcast 11/11/2015)
Summary: Contestants had to choose a previously eliminated partner and select a ball.  They had to kick or throw the ball between each other without letting it hit the ground.  Each time they would throw the ball they could then run into a receive position and start the process again travelling towards an end point.  But beware if the players dropped the ball then it was back to the start!

Survivor12 from myles webb on Vimeo.

No episode this season was completely and utterly dominated by one player until this challenge.  Caro already had gained immunity from solving the immunity idol clues leading her to the black King.  Pairing her with Siobhan, a former leader lead to Caro winning three of the four possible rounds and completely dominating the competition.  There were many nervous players in the vote as the votes went three ways, in the end Katelyn's journey ended as she received three votes.

Immunity Idol Clue: The games nearly over and locating me is the hardest challenge yet.  You seek a golden horse, whose picture is to be made available shortly.  The horse can fit in the palm of your hand, and you must deliver it to Mr Webb if you want to stay in the game, however this is not like any idol this, and only this idol can be played after the vote making it the most powerful item in the game.

Redemption Idol Clue: Players are seeking me far and wide and I am neither of these things.  There are five separate doors that you could open, only one leads to where I am concealed.   You need to search carefully and make sure you've looked into every possibility - I am not easy to locate even when you are in the right location with me right in front of you.  Haste - quick this might be your last chance to get revenge and get back to where you want.  The riddle described previously is an anagram.   Combine that with all the other clues and its time to make your move before everything goes down the drain!

Episode Eleven: Blind Mans Bluff (Broadcast 8/11/2015)
Summary: The contestants had to navigate themselves around a course and locate a specific object. However to complicate matters they had to be directed around the course by one of the previous contestants that they had a direct hand in eliminating! Catherine also had a special power, to determine which episode between 10 and 15 would be a double elimination episode and she had stated that it would be this episode- would her honesty endear her to the rest of the contestants or would it lead to her being eliminated?
In the competition some of the previous contestants sought revenge by directing players to the wrong object or spinning them around in circles.  Teague worked well ultimately with Abby for her to claim the immunity - which she decided to keep.  Catherine indeed went for double elimination - however this move backfired on her as she received the second highest amount of votes, after Gypsy making them the eleventh (Gypsy) and twelfth (Catherine) players voted out of the game.

Immunity Idol Clue: 'I date from 1475 and if you want to play the game you need to locate the game and make sure that you can claim the right piece.  The first tournament involving me was played in 1851, what more can be said! Haste! Haste! This is as easy as it would look...but don't be gloomy'
Redemption Idol: 'If you seek a clock you are looking in the wrong direction, you need to find those who eliminated you when you didn't have protection. I lie waiting to be discovered waiting for the player to open the door to set me free and retrieve me from where I am hiding.  Will it be you? Can you solve this cunning riddle: Submarine! Ink! Nostril! Kitchen! Does it make any sense? Time is running out if you want a second chance to get back into the game, if you don't act soon there won't be anyone to blame.

Episode Ten: Know Your Enemy (Broadcast 3/11/2015)
Summary: How well do the remaining 11 contestants know each other? In this challenge each of the contestants were given a series of questions which they had to answer, then when the team came together the contestants had to answer who they thought the team had answered.  Who was the sneakiest player? Who would help an old lady across the street? Who is going to win? Who is the luckiest player in the game?

Survivor10 from myles webb on Vimeo.

Immunity Idol Clue; 'When all is revealed and all sold you need to report to Mr Webb and reveal all that you've solved.  He will guide you on your way and with the idol you should be able to stay.  Its the furtherest away so far, yet to progress in the game you need to find it without haste.'
Redemption Idol: 'I am without sight and waiting to be revealed, I wait patiently counting the time that I will be revealed.  The game is nearing its end, locating me will allow you a chance at revenge."

Episode Nine: Rivers Run Deep (Broadcast 30/10/2015)

Taranaki Survivor Episode 9 from myles webb on Vimeo.
Summary: In this challenge the Exile were back again, having just missed out on the opportunity twice to force their way back into the game.  Each of the three teams had to run a course carrying a cup of water.  They had to to make their way under or over a set of obstacles, avoid having a ball thrown at them and then deliver the cup to their team mate who was waiting with a cone at the top of the hill at the end of the obstacle course.  Round one saw a strong finish for the Exiles who triumphed.  Disaster struck Kikorangi in Round Two, when they ended their run prematurely, and had to re-start - however The Exiles made a crucial error with a player leaving his cup on the top of a desk in a violation of the rules of the game.  This relegated them from second to third.  Kikorangi came good in the second round, Whero now faced a challenge after a player wrecked one of their cups forcing them to use a default cup for the competition which was considerably smaller.  This gave Kikorangi the opportunity to win the third round and sneak in ahead of the Exiles.   This left Whero in a unfortunate position of having to eliminate yet another player from the team - reducing them to three players against six from Kikorangi coming into a possible merge.  Mackenna had escaped the week before for Whero only when Gypsy had played her immunity idol and this time around there would be no reprieve - Mackenna being the ninth player eliminated from the game.

Immunity Idol: Cole, Richard, Edward, Tuheitia are all examples of me.
Redemption Idol: This was located by Ebony and Charlotte just prior to the broadcast.

Episode Eight: Knock Me Down (Broadcast 29/10/2015)
Preview: Prior to this episode being shown Gypsy managed to locate the hidden immunity idol by recognising the clues pointed to being in the office next to Room Eight.

In this challenge the Exiles were back and more determined than ever to force their way back into the game.  For the challenge the teams placed seven markers on a target area and then proceeded to take turns throwing balls at them to knock them down.  The Exiles went first and established a clear lead however they had placed all of their markers in one location so their lead was not only deceptive but also short lived.  After a prolonged competition with all teams beset by nerves The Exiles ended up being the first team out of the competition.  Whero had several chances to win it - including one from Mackenna at point blank range, but it was left to Katelyn from Kikorangi to take the victory and forcing Whero into elimination.  Just before the vote Gypsy, from Kikorangi decided to play her idol and gifted it to Mackenna from Whero - Mackenna stated she didn't see the need for it, however the need became apparent when the votes were read, as she had been the victim of an attempted blind-side and was saved by Gypsy's intervention.  This forced Catherine and Bethany into a sudden death elimination decider where nerves were at an all time high.  Catherine was able to secure safety in this and in a big upset one of the key players in the game, Beth, was the eight person eliminated.

Taranaki Survivor: Episode Eight from myles webb on Vimeo.

There are now two Immunity Idols in play and being searched for - one which is the players idol.  In the clues for it released for the first time here:
'Do you need to survive? If you're in Rico's team he'd vote out Gypsy.  If you're left in Whero then Mackenna said she'd vote out Caro.   Then you need me to save yourself! I'm not like the other idols I am one of a set - to locate me you will have to think outside the square.   The end is forced! Echec et mat!' 

The second is the all important 'second chance' idol - players who have been eliminated or missed the first draft are looking high and low for it and trying to decipher this clue.
'To take your chance to get back into the game you must locate the lucky cat.  You must locate the Gatekeeper and give them the key, this will release the cat and set you free.  From 15 letters and 8125 miles, the smallest thing,  to give to someone or something from Te Rauparaha's Base - further clues may be needed to get back into the race.  To join both together might be your only chance, it you  leave it too late then the end may be here.
[Note: This idol was located - Mrs Auld was the Gatekeeper, the Key was a Russian Nesting Doll]
Episode Seven: Decimation (Broadcast 22/10/2015)
Preview: Prior to Competition both teams had to select a player for reward - Gypsy and Catherine were chosen and given additional clues to the second immunity idol.

In the challenge Rico started for Kikorangi and easily disposed of his old team mate from Whero, Quade.  However from there the wheels well and truly fell off for Kikorangi as they lost four consecutive challenges to leave them facing an impossible task in the last round.  Until this vote every vote has had multiple students voted against, for the first time this was not the case, with every vote from Kikorangi being directed at Teague, who had only joined the team in the episode six switch.  He had been searching for the immunity idol but was unable to save himself and became the seventh player voted out of the game.

Taranaki Survivor: Episode Seven from myles webb on Vimeo.

Still the second immunity idols has not been located despite numerous clues - even one supplied from Mr Kemp (from Singapore) oversea's when our class was Skpying.  In another clue that will be revealed here is 'that there are two pictures of the actual idol in the classroom.  Look for something that is not in right place on a wall display and something related to School Competition. With these information plus the additional clues contained on this page don't delay! Seek out this idol as quickly as possible and ensure you continue in the game!

Episode Six: Return of the Exiles Part One (Broadcast 20/10/2015)
Preview: Just prior to the challenge two players one from Kikorangi and one from Whero were selected for a special reward - the reward was a team swap so Teague joined Kikorangi and Quade joined Whero.

Kikorangi had taken an early domination but were now on the back foot with Whero winning back to back challenges.   There was a further twist this episode when all previously eliminated players were brought back to form a third team 'The Exiles'.  The challenge was simple - if the Exiles won the challenge both Kikorangi and Whero would eliminate, and one player would come back into the main game.   For the challenge students had to race along a course using a set of plastic chairs with one person stacking the last chair and bringing it to the front.  If a student touched the ground during the challenge thirty seconds would be added to their teams time.  This proved crucial as 'The Exiles' won the challenge but just before the end two players touched the ground giving them a one minute time penalty which allowed Kikorangi to steal a victory.  The winning streak of Whero was brought to an end and in the voting Quade didn't feel threatened, didn't play his idol or pass it on, and Zariah was the sixth player to leave the game.

But what of the second hidden immunity idol? There is frantic searching going on for it, using the clues that have been contained within the game and posted exclusively here online.  The further clue for the idol, revealed here is: 'You must pass through three portals to reach me.  There are three sentienls who could block your path.  One is from Marton, one from Waikato and one from the shadow of the mountain'

Episode Five: A Taste for Victory (Broadcast 18/10/2015)
Preview: Students had spent a week looking for the immunity idol - determining that in was located inside the classroom two days of frantic searching two players discovered the idol but, in a potentially disastrous move both Caro and Beth replaced it and put it back in its place without reading the instructions! Quade however took time to read it and realised its  importance and claimed the first idol.

Whero had some momentum following their 'Four Corners' first win.   In this challenge students had to answer a series of questions based around our blogging buddies and collaborators from around the world.   Whero dominated their second consecutive challenge and easily defeated Kikorangi.  Kikorangi had two key players who were unable to compete, Katelyn and one of their leaders, Siobhan.   This caused obvious divisions in the group to come to the fore as Siobhan, who had led the team extremely well to this point received the most votes, making her the first player voted out in her absence and the fifth player to leave the game.

Following the challenge Whero received another advantage, they had to select two players from Kikorangi for something else.   It turned out to be a message which was a clue to the second immunity idol - and Whero selected Quade and Harry.   While the information contained there is to be kept secret the additional information about the second hidden idol is as follows: 'I am at the highest point in the school but not at the highest elevation, you must seek assistance and ask with manners for the specific prize to gain it from the secret location'.

Episode Four: Four Corners (Broadcast 11/11/2015)
Whero came into this challenge on the back of a three game losing streak - desperate to win and force Kikorangi to start eliminations.  Would the tide finally turn? Would this be the change of fortune they needed?.... The answer was yes as finally Whero were able to take a decisive lead 2-0 and despite a 2-1 fightback from Kikorangi 'Elephant' saw Whero win.

The first puzzle answer was 'bathroom' which was solved by Whero.  They then correctly answered 'cucumber' and took a 2-0 lead.  Kikorangi fought back with correctly answering 'hospital'.  The fourth round (with both teams looking for a best of three to win the competition) saw Whero manage to answer 'Elephant'.  Teague had been desperately searching for an immunity idol - concerned that the rest of the Whero team were looking to eliminate him.  During the challenge players had the opportunity to desert their teams and instead of looking to solve the puzzle run towards a significant clue to the immunity idol - several players took the opportunity, from both teams.   An additional clue to the idol, revealed here for the first time is as follows: 'contained in four walls, two steps from an entrance, when you look underneath the piece that's always been there then the answer will be clear'.

Taranaki Survivor: Episode Four from myles webb on Vimeo.
It was Kikorangi's first time voting and it was close, however by a slim margin Jamesen received the most votes and ended up being the fourth player eliminated from the competition.

Episode Three: Catch and Throw (Broadcast 7/10/2015)
Whero were desperate to end their losing streak having lost the first two challenges.  Each team had to choose a member who had a sieve and had to catch a rod thrown from five metres.   However it wasn't as easy as it seems as both teams were catching at the same time meaning one could get in the others way... Whero were trying as hard as they could - would it be enough?

The answer was no as they lost their third consecutive challenge.  Scores were tied early at 1-1 when Siobhan and Mackenna both scored a point after four throws.  The difference came during the change of catchers when Whero went to Beth and Kikorangi went to Jorja.  Kikorangi dominated the challenge from then on scoring consecutive catches and forcing Whero to make a double play off either of the final two throws - something they couldn't manage.   There was further trouble for Whero during the vote - Beth claimed to have an idol but couldn't produce it.... Teague was concerned that the Girls in Whero had formed an alliance and were 'out to get him'... in the end Ashton received four votes and was the third player to leave the game.

As for the idol, Ashton didn't have it however in this exclusive clue to its location revealed for the first time it is this 'don't stand or crouch to find me, don't look for a maze - just realise that everyday you many times pass my gaze...'   Desperate searches have been underway for this idol and clues have been placed in challenges and part of competition.. stay tuned...

Taranaki Survivor: Episode Three from myles webb on Vimeo.

Episode Two: The Puzzle of Working Together (Broadcast 1/10/2015)
A simple task - a basic floor puzzle solved by two teams competing against each other - with the prize of avoiding another elimination to whoever can complete it first.   The puzzle consisted of fifty individual pieces, each was double sided and the puzzle had no edges - making it even more difficult there were some pieces of the puzzle deliberately missing.   Kikorangi went first and during the process of solving it Siobhan and then Quade took leadership.   A time of 2:59 seemed a good effort and was tough to beat.  Whero followed and from the outset there was indecision including which side of the puzzle to solve.   They were well behind at half time, but rallied to close the gap finishing with a time of 3:03.  While it was close it wasn't enough sending Whero to their second straight elimination.  The vote ended up being tied 2-2-2 between Ashton, Teague and Ebony.  This sent the three players to sudden death, stacking blocks on top of each other.  Ashton and Teague completed the task first, leaving Ebony to leave the game the second person eliminated...

Episode One: The Trick of the Trail.
In the first episode Whero and Kikorangi competed in their first challenge! Both teams had to show co-operation and communication as they raced from location to location searching for markers along the way to the last destination... who would work together, who would succeed and ultimately who would be the first contestant to face elimination...

Taranaki Survivor: Episode One from Myles Webb on Vimeo.

Summary Of Episode: Whero went first and decided on a strategy of walking slowing around the course so no-one let go of the rope. They took their time, waited and thought carefully about the next location before moving there. Kikorangi decided to jog from location to location causing them to drop the rope (twice) and also get lost on two occasions. In the end Kikorangi's strategy proved more efficient, even though they dropped the rope their time of 9:05 (10:05 with penalty) it was much quicker than Whero's 13:02. Sent to the elimination Whero had tough choices to make - the vote wasn't completely one sided however Jayden ended up with the most votes and was therefore the first person eliminated.

The greatest ever student internet challenge show of all time! A homage to the greatest game show of all time, with two teams of nine competing against each other. Starting during the term three holidays (October 2015) each episode will broadcast weekly culminating with the final tribal council which will be showing in mid December, 2015 - with the final episode! A huge thank you to Mr Bloor and the students of Room Three involved in the competition! Prior to the first episode being released the teams were announced with this short promo:

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